How anonymous are we really? There’s always  way to trace us, in this millennium of incredible technology and advancement in science, how can we expect for someone halfway across the world to not figure out who we are?

Whether anyone could be bothered to do worry about our identity is a whole other question. But they could find out. If someone’s curiosity is piqued and they are even remotely skilled in investigations, they could find us. Isn’t that the most terrifying thing? That a stranger whom you invite into your life in some way, by posting an attractive picture or writing something? Your acts of creation create an unwanted interest in you. And piece by piece, someone uncovers you. They expose the vulnerable little things about you that make you you. You did not ask for it, you just wanted a little understanding. But that turned into something beyond your imagination.

But what can you do? When writing, and being read by people who feel the same way, that is your goal. How do you flush out the people who will go out of their way to harm you? You stay anonymous. But anonymous is no one. And you can get lost in that too. They are more anonymous than you could ever be. You’re better off never being anonymous, than becoming like them. The hidden.

So just be you.


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